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Condensation can be a serious problem that causes black mould on Walls, furniture and clothes.

It is usually more apparent in older style properties but can also occur in modern properties where ventilation is restricted.

Condensation is created by the way in which a tenant lives in a property – but it is made worse if there is penetrating or rising damp.

Some ways of helping to reduce the mould becoming a problem in your property are: –

  • Dry your washing outside, or make sure your windows are open if you have no other option.
  • Ventilate the cooking area during and after meal making.
  • Use extractor fans and open the window in the bathroom after taking a bath or showering.
  • If a shower curtain is fitted change it regularly and avoid one which is made from vinyl as the material harbours water and creates mould.

Condensation issues are easy to solve and the National Landlord’s Association has prepared a very helpful Video that explains how to control condensation…Please click here to view.

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