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Property Inspections

Property Inspections

Why do we need to regularly inspect your Rented Home?

The reason that we inspect managed properties is to evaluate the overall condition of the property, inside and out, and to check that everything is in good working order and in a reasonable state of repair.  It is also an opportunity for the Tenant to bring to our attention any areas of concern and confirm their ongoing requirements.

The inspection is informal but thorough and we expect you to make sure that your property is reasonably clean and tidy for our visit.  We are sympathetic that the property is your home and we make sure that our inspections are not intrusive for you unless we are significantly concerned about building issues or condensation.

We are also required to check that you are complying with the terms of your tenancy agreement such as whether you are keeping a pet at the property and has there been any smoking or redecoration without you notifying us.

We conduct our property inspections every 3 months and compile a written report, including photographs, if necessary, of any significant building issues, which we forward on to your landlord.

How can routine inspections help you?

We use our routine inspections as an opportunity to highlight repair and maintenance issues and can help provide effective advice that can help to save you from having a part of your deposit retained at the end of your tenancy.

Highlighting minor problems at an early stage avoid, such as a small leak to a radiator, developing into a significant problem if it’s neglected for long enough.

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